BlackLine Dimmable Digital 1000W Ballast
Extremely high frequency, works perfectly with standard lamps and Double-Ended lamps Has "soft start" program to allow multiple ballasts to start
$158.99 $86.95
Optimized Spectrum 1000W MH Grow Bulb
Provides high initial and maintained lumen output with optimum spectral energy required for vegetative growth Promotes vigorous and healthy plant
$99.95 $29.99
Optimized Super 1000W HPS Grow Bulb
Developed to provide optimum spectral energy levels for indoor horticulture. Provides 15% more available energy for plant growth than a normal HP
$99.95 $29.99
Confidential Carbon Odor Air Filter Control
To ensure total air filtration, there are several important factors to consider. The first and most important factor is carbon grade choice. Grade RC-

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Power SI



Increases absorption & utilization of nutrients.

Reduces nutrient salt build-up & moisture dehydration of your crops.

Builds stronger cell walls, decreasing susceptibility to various diseases, & resulting in stronger plants & thicker stems, & increases dry weight.

Controls & reduces the space between internodes caused by environmental stress & nutrition imbalances.

Resistance against abiotic (non-living physical & chemical elements: temperature, weather, natural disasters) & biotic stress (living organisms: pathogens & pests), & reduces the need for pesticides.


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Aquaponic and hydroponic systems both use water and share a few common parts, but that's where the similarities end. Hydroponic systems focus solely on plant growth, while aquaponic systems attempt to achieve a healthy life balance between both plants and fish. Aquaponics takes the more natural path, while many hydroponic systems rely on simplicity. Read More
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